NEW Squeeze de Citron Bags Available!

We are sharing with our subscribers an exclusive Squeeze De Citron bags sneak peek,  that just arrived from Mexico!

Our Squeeze De Citron bags are carefully handcrafted by Mexican Artisans. They are made with 100% plastic and are extremely durable and unique. They have added design and we complement them with an extra large pom pom, also hand made to add character to each bag.

Artisans take seven days to make one and three extra days to create the handle. They are a piece of art.

Squeeze De Citron will present three different collections every year:

Spring and Summer Collection

Resort Collection

Fall and Winter Collection

Perfect for boat, beach, tennis, yoga living.

Is the perfect Lifestyle bag!

If you are interested in one please email us at or follow our instagram @squeezedecitron and PM us there. We ship all USA!

We are currently working on our website, were our customers will be able to shop the new collection online. So stay tune!



This are our Special Edition Tennis Bags, wearing proudly the tennis ball color mix with the elegant white. The medium Citron bags are just perfect for the tennis racket! Available M, L


This Citron bag shares elegance and neutral vibes. You can wear it for YOGA class, every day beach and boat living. We have it in L and XL available. The XL are perfect for pool towels and pool toys.


Our Classic Mexican Citron Bag is such a signature of fun and classy. This are available in L and XL


Our white and gold Citron bags are super neutral, they go with everything and come in two different styles. This are available in L.



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